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Name - Marty Miron    Email -
Date --     From - Gainesville, Florida
Good looking site. I am going to write you up in my weekly newspaper Scrabble column here.

Name - Judy Newhouse    Email -
Date --     From - Houston, TX
Terific page - inspires me to consider making a page for the Houston club. Looking forward to your May tournament!

Name - Judith Blackwell    Email -
Date --     From - Austin
This page is sooo kooool! Hope to get back to the club soon. May I please buy a T-Shirt anyway?

Name - Susan Milam    Email -
Date --     From - Austin
I miss playing with you guys. I'll try to make it back sometime soon.

Name - Jonn    
Date --     From - Austin
Our club usually plays Scrabble on Saturdays at Central Market in central Austin. See

Name - Lynne Murphy    Email -
Date --     From - Waco
Great page, Jonn et al.
If anybody down there is up for some weekend fun Scrabble any time, let me know and I'll drive down. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to make a Monday night sometime.

Name - Mary Rhoades    Email -
Date -- Wednesday, 18 August 1999, at 2:35 p.m.    From - Bedford, TX
Enjoyed the page. Maybe someday we'll have one!

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