From: "Mike Willis" 

On Saturday, February 12, the eleventh annual
State of Texas Scrabble Championship began
in the Longhorn Ballroom of the Stagecoach Inn
in Salado, Texas.  Under beautiful sunny cool
skies fifty-three Texans squared off for the first
game of an eleven round tournament.  It was
absolutely gorgeous and good times abounded.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the Texas Scrabble Hall
of Fame ceremony in which Pat Barrett and the
late Jim Bodenstedt were the year 2000 inductees.
Congratulatory letters from players about the
nation were read, including one from John Williams,
head of the National Scrabble Association.
When the voting for next year's inductees was
tabulated, Hildagard Powell of Buffalo Gap, and
Caesar Jaramillo of Austin had been selected.

Thanks to Jim Barrett for a super (as always) job
of directing the event.  We are already anxiously
looking forward to next year.

Here are the top finishers in each of the three

1. Hugh Benton            9-2     +618
2. Judy Newhouse        8-3    +305
3. MaryLou Thurman    7-4    +422

1. Robin Lewis             11-0    +1159
2. Mic Barron                8-3    +47
3. Scott Lucas                7-4    +292

Expert/Supreme Being
1. Pat Barrett                10-1    +1223
2. Iffy Onyeonwu            9-2    +488
3. Mike Willis                 7-4    +86
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